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Hand-illustrated Letters

Your child will delight in the vibrant illustrations and giggle along to the fun stories, all while learning fun facts about the different animals of the world. We pay special attention to color, detail, and sometimes even hidden objects! 

Stickers for Collecting

Each letter comes with an adorable, die-cut sticker for the month's animal friend. Perfect for little ones to start collecting!

You don't need to worry about siblings fighting over the sticker, either! We have the option to add more stickers to your envelope at checkout, so that no one feels left out of the fun!

Being a subscriber not only gains you access to our Past Letter Store, but also access to a lovely library of FunSheets designed to pair with your letter. Enjoy coloring, animal fun-facts, craft ideas, puzzles, and more with these FREE downloads. (You'll receive a password in your order confirmation to access these areas.)

Downloadable FunSheets

To introduce you to Francis & Friends, here's a FREE  E-LETTER

 of our beloved Freckles the Giraffe adventure, our very first letter! Give it a try and see if it's right for your little one, before ordering.

Sample Letter

Join the Fun!

​Our letters are sent from "Francis," a fun-loving, little goat living on the Segunda Vida (Second Life) animal rescue ranch with his best pal, Dr. Hank, the ranch veterinarian.

Read about his adventures each month, as he meets animals from all over the world that come here. Despite their many differences, this lovable, little fellow manages to become everyone's best pal.

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