Meet Francis

This little guy came to live with our family many years ago, when he was just a baby. We bottle fed him and raised him into his adulthood. He was the ambassador of our farm, hanging out with whomever he pleased, going, and doing what he wanted. He was zany and fun and full of personality, and yes, mischief! 
When we decided to write a letter, there was no question as to whom the main character would be. This little goat who was so full of personality and that had become everyone's best pal, animals included, was the perfect choice!

Segunda Vida Ranch.jpg

We had the pleasure of staying on a ranch that brought in animals from all over the world. Kangaroos, giraffes, water buffalo, zebras, and camels, to name just a few. We learned so much while hanging out with these animals, so the background of our letter we knew had to be the ranch!


Although mostly fiction, our story ideas really do originate from the many adventures we shared with our friend Francis and the animals we got to know on the ranch.

Meet the Ranch


Meet Jamie

Hi! I'm Jamie, the creator of Francis & Friends. I live on a farm with my wonderful husband of 40 years, Andy, and our dog Annie. We've homeschooled three beautiful daughters, all of whom are grown with families of their own now.

I created F&F as a way to teach children about the animals of our world in a way that's exciting to them, a way that inspires creativity, compassion, and literacy. It is my hope that your little one will grow up to be a life-long animal lover. Enjoy!