Polar Bear Fun!

What a FUN month January was! Noot the polar bear was a huge hit and probably our most popular letter to date!

I received so many shares of your little ones making the polar bear pop-up card or doing the polar bear dance, and even the extra materials you added to the letter to create polar bear unit studies. I love receiving all your shares, photos, videos and kind comments, so please ...keep sending!

Polar Bear Adoption Update!

We mentioned in early January that a portion of all proceeds from new subscribers and renewals would go towards adopting a polar bear! So, we are happy to announce that we have fulfilled that task, and it feels GREAT!

The folks at Polar Bears International are awesome to work with, and we really admire the work they are doing to ensure the future of polar bears! I highly recommend you take a look at their website. It is full of great information, not to mention, there are so many beautiful pictures, taken by photographer Daniel J. Cox, of polar bears throughout the site. That alone makes it worth checking out! There is so much you and your kids can do to get involved. You and your family may want to adopt a polar bear of your own!


Look at our Beautiful Certificate!

More Polar Bear Fun!

Here are some more of my favorite sites for polar bears:

https://kids.sandiegozoo.org/animals/polar-bear - Hear a real polar bear roar and visit the live-cam! Play the polar bear plunge game and make a marshmallow polar bear!

https://explore.org/livecams/polar-bears/polar-bear-cam Watch footage highlights of wild polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba Canada! (The bears are on the ice hunting this time of year, so they are showing highlights of previous feed.)

https://canadianpolarbearhabitat.com/watch/ Live-cams to watch the bears. They also have a video series of Q&A sessions where you can learn so much about polar bears!


Thank you to all of you who participated in our giveaways this month. The polar bear Beanie Buddy was won by Tallulah Ann! Congratulations!

The winner of our six-month subscription giveaway was won by the Beall Kids! Congratulations!

Be sure and follow us on Instagram or Facebook to enter our giveaways!

Polar Bear International Day is February 27th! So, have a family polar bear party and share what you've learned with others!

Saturday, February 27th is International Polar Bear Day! PBI will be bringing you an amazing array of live events, especially for students, but also for anyone to watch and enjoy. Bring your curiosity and tune in each day throughout the week to learn about polar bear moms and cubs, culminating in two special events on Saturday, February 27th! (Hint: Start saving your dryer lint to make a recycled-art polar bear and get the popcorn ready for the screening of a very special film.)

Here's the link for the events schedule:


As always, thanks for supporting our letter!

Until next time,

Jamie & Francis

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